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Building Clinics

JLC LIVE building clinics are the heart and soul of the exhibit hall. These interactive demonstrations are presented by top industry experts in a real-world jobsite setting. Live building clinics, or some call them workshops, cover a range of topics including drywall, high performance, air quality, deck building, window installation, stair building and much more.

Builders Workshop: Framing

For the best available knowledge on rough framing, our go-to place is the Builders' Workshop. Whether you are a veteran framer or an apprentice carpenter, our presenters Mike Sloggatt and Ryan Smith always have something worth learning.


Achieving a beautiful drywall interior can be very challenging, but with Myron Ferguson’s step-by-step personalized instructional experience, you will soon get the upper hand in doing top-of-the-line work.


To meet homeowners' expectations and code officials' demands, decks need to be more than just beautiful; decks must be constructed safe and long-lasting. Aaron Butt brings new deck construction demonstrations, covering a wide range of topics where novice workers can learn deck-building basics and seasoned builders can up their techniques.

Building Technology

Peter Heard covers new product technology to enhance traditional methods and materials in an effort to protect your client’s home from wind and water infiltration, especially at problem locations like door and window penetrations. 

High Performance

High-Performance = making a system or structure work as well as it possibly can. Ben Bogie and Aron Jones dives into the fundamentals behind creating truly high-performance building; how to make structures that are more comfortable, healthy to live in, energy efficient and durable. 

Trim Carpentry

Well-known carpenter Gary Striegler is the go-to sanctuary for those devoted to crafting fine interiors. Get a full plate of finish carpentry know-how that includes methods for building up moldings to create stunning entryways, mantles, and wainscoting.

Stair Building

Whether you are looking for an introduction to stair building, or a few masterful tricks on installing curved volutes, Mike Kennedy is your guy. From layout and rough framing, to handrail and baluster installation, Mike has something for everyone.

Roofing & Exteriors

Attention to detail on a roof installation can be the difference between chasing leaks and years with no call-backs. Pickup roofing tips from our pros, Tony Blue and Aaron Miiller. Watch them install head-turning copper, point out common shingle and flashing mistakes, and create solutions for roof problem areas.

Exterior Finishes

Long time presenter circa 1997, Rick Arnold knows how to combine old-world craftmanship with modern materials to create beautiful and durable exteriors. A few topics Rick will cover include custom-built front door trim, manufactured stone veneer transitions, siding detail and installation.  

Indoor Air Quality

Learn about building ventilation, source capture and filtration systems to reduce contaminant levels and ensure a healthy environment with Ross Trethewey. Ross will point out the most common misconceptions and installation mistakes with different systems and technologies.