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Congratulations to the top 3 contenders for adding phenomenal value to the Building Clinic stages at #jlclive2023



Aaron Miiller

TOP 3 for 2023

► Aron Jones | New Brunswick, Can

YEARS INVOLVED: 23. I changed trades from Infantry to Construction Tech in 1999. I received my Red Seal Endorsement in 2002.


WHEN NOT BUILDING, YOU'LL FIND ME... reading and researching all things related to BS (Build Science Geek!) Sporting clays at my local club.

THE ONE TOOL I WON'T GO WITHOUT: If I can choose only one, a circular saw.

► Sam Durdaller | Naples, FL

YEARS INVOLVED: 14+. I’ve been working summers and school breaks since I was around 12 or 13 but have been in the industry full time since high school.

FIRST THING "MASTERED" ON A JOB SITE: Packing a dumpster. Highly underrated skill.

WHEN NOT BUILDING, YOU'LL FIND ME... Like most Floridians, I like to play golf and wrestle alligators.

THE ONE TOOL I WON'T GO WITHOUT: my winbag air shim. I honestly have no idea what I did before it!

► Aaron Miiller | Pollard, AR

YEARS INVOLVED: 17 years full time, quite a few summers before that.

FIRST THING "MASTERED" ON A JOB SITE: Spraying Lacquer. While I was still in school, dad handed me an HVLP sprayer and said get to work. It took some time to get good. But after quite a few gallons of Lacquer, it became almost second nature.

WHEN NOT BUILDING, YOU'LL FIND ME... Riding ATV's in the Ozark Mountains here in Arkansas. It's a blast conquering those really difficult trails, but also cool to see those big waterfalls and overlooks that would otherwise take you days to get to hiking.

THE ONE TOOL I WON'T GO WITHOUT: Paslode Cordless Nailers.